Forget the Tech of Tomorrow—Practical Supply Chain Technology Delivers a Competitive Advantage Today

There’s been a lot of buzz in recent years around the role emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things, and blockchain will play in supply chain management. Indeed, CTSI-Global is part of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance. And, while these innovations will likely become more prominent over the next decade, only a small percentage of shippers currently have or even need these capabilities. At the same time, some of the supply chain technology that’s readily available right now can be a real game-changer.

What supply chain technology has the biggest impact right now?

For most shippers, there are a few key pieces of logistics software that can take operations to the next level. Though each company’s needs are different, these typically include a transportation management system, freight audit and payment services, a warehouse management tool, and supply chain analytics.

Tools like these might not seem as glamorous or exciting as something like AI or blockchain—but implemented properly, they form the foundations of an effective supply chain. Combined, they provide the visibility and efficiency shippers need to keep their operations humming along smoothly.

For example, moving from clunky, manual order management and carrier selection processes to a system that automates some of the most time-consuming steps can save shippers literally thousands of hours of staff time each year. Take the TMS tracking feature alone—the ability to instantly check on the status of a shipment lets shippers answer customers’ questions and stay in the loop about potential delays without having to dig out the carrier’s number and hope they pick up the phone. And when a shipper’s TMS is cloud-based, it provides the flexibility for employees to perform crucial work from anywhere, which has proven an essential capability in recent months.

With these crucial building blocks in place, shippers can start to think about experimenting with emerging tech. But without having foundational tools in place, they may as well be trying to fly before they can walk.

How do these tools help shippers stay ahead of the competition?

Staying one step ahead of the competition doesn’t mean rushing to adopt an expensive piece of tech that hasn’t been fully tried and tested yet. It means utilizing the right tools at the right time—and getting the greatest return on investment from them.

Just look at tools that provide real-time visibility into a company’s shipping data. These can deliver instant ROI by allowing shippers to rapidly hone in on unnecessary expenses, such as excessive premium freight spend, so they can put money back in the bottom line. Using their TMS dashboard, shippers can keep one eye on their metrics at all times, ensuring no problem slips under the radar and no opportunity to save goes unexplored.

Continuously striving to tighten efficiency and bring costs down is what gives shippers a competitive advantage. Modern supply chain technology makes this possible, paving the way for leaner, more effective operations—and greater profitability.

Cutting edge, but not pie in the sky

CTSI-Global’s leading-edge logistics technology is designed to give companies an edge—and help them continuously improve.

Our tools are not white-labeled software that won’t deliver on its promise, nor are they futuristic gadgets that you’ll never use. We built our software ourselves with the real and present needs of shippers in mind, informed by our team’s decades of experience in the logistics world. And we’re constantly working to make them even better, so our clients can stay ahead of the curve.

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