Continuous TMS Innovation Helps Shippers Face Changing Obstacles and Priorities

As global supply chains continue to embrace rapid digitization, shippers prioritize transportation management system (TMS) innovation like never before. After all, this groundbreaking technology—which provides visibility into the entire supply chain—opens the door to data-driven decision-making and unprecedented growth. It’s also a significant investment: given the time-related and financial costs, shippers expect to stick with their TMS for years on end.

Selecting the right platform makes all the difference—ensuring that the provider takes a continuous approach to TMS innovation and supply chain operations adapt with the times. 

Exceed shifting customer expectations

Consumer demand is higher than ever—as are standards for real-time tracking, delivery updates, streamlined returns, and more. Fortunately, many businesses know that a TMS can help them rise to the occasion. But when demands evolve at the drop of a hat, can every TMS keep up?

First, consider the short term. E-commerce took center stage during the pandemic, alongside new expectations for visibility and returns. These changes emerged in a matter of months—a timeline that favored teams already equipped with a data-driven, feature-rich TMS. 

Predictably, TMS innovation is even more essential in the long term. Today’s supply chain challenges—including delays, port congestion, and labor shortages—show few signs of letting up. Beyond carrier and supplier setbacks, the ability to adapt to broader customer trends—which often evolve over the course of several years—can make or break a business. In an increasingly unpredictable climate, the wrong TMS can become more of a liability than an asset.

Staying ahead of the curve means partnering with platforms that promote continuous innovation and support. CTSI-Global’s Honeybee™ TMS provides ongoing improvements so businesses can react decisively to today’s demands and future obstacles.

Evolve and scale with ease

Internally, TMS innovation can also yield tremendous advantages. Scalability is no easy feat: it involves structural transformation, workflow overhauls, and technological flexibility. Perhaps most importantly, it requires adaptability and resilience over time—and a TMS that can accommodate periods of change or uncertainty. 

In an effort to scale, some shippers choose to outsource workflows to third-party logistics partners. In such situations, shippers use their own TMS to not only inform 3PL decision-making but also gauge 3PL performance. Using an adaptable TMS, shippers can monitor and nurture 3PL partnerships, or part ways if necessary. With the right 3PL provider, shippers can rest assured that their TMS contains the up-to-date insights and capabilities they need to maintain a productive, cost-efficient relationship.

No need to rebound from a sunsetting TMS

TMS innovation is essential to sustainable growth as obsolete software can quickly lead to high-stakes disruptions and ultimately threaten organization-wide viability. Consider a business with a ten-year growth plan. Behind the scenes, a TMS can enable major long-term strides, such as a triple-digit increase in loyal customers or a far more efficient shipping workflow. 

But if the TMS in question lacks ongoing support and optimization, it may not be able to meet short-term demands, like pricing optimization for new freight or cost benchmarking for new, untested processes. Worse, it may shut down altogether, leaving shippers scrambling to recover. Sunsetting TMSs force shippers to go through the long implementation process all over again—including researching, implementing, and familiarizing themselves with a new partner.

TMS innovation isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity

Finding a reliable and sustainable TMS can be a daunting process. With over half a century in the business, CTSI-Global has a long history of adapting logistics solutions to meet new shipper challenges. The Honeybee TMS platform offers ever-evolving functionalities, insights, and scalability potential. Invest in a TMS that provides innovation and continuity—and let the ROI speak for itself.

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