High-Tech Supply Chain, Low-Tech Problems: Why the Technology Sector Needs Better Logistics Tech

When a company specializes in cutting-edge technology products, it’s natural to assume that every department within that company is operating with the latest and greatest tech on the market. Often, that’s simply not the case. Outdated software, clunky equipment, and unnecessary manual processes continue to slow down departments even as product development speeds up, creating friction that prevents optimal operational efficiency. And when this happens within a high-tech supply chain, the results can be costly, slowing speed to market and leaving customers dissatisfied.

Technology supply chain managers should strive to raise the bar for technological innovation at their companies, ensuring they’re leveraging the latest and most powerful logistics tech to gain an edge on competitors. As products become increasingly complex, so too will their logistics requirements, so it pays to get ahead of the game and make sure your function is operating at its peak.

To that end, here are some of the most prevalent and avoidable low-tech problems that can be eliminated with the right logistics tech.

Not enough manpower

With the technology industry enabling businesses and consumers everywhere to do more work with less effort, why should a lack of manpower slow the technology supply chain down?

Hiring more people is rarely the answer. If it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, you may be suffering from a technology deficiency. By automating time-consuming manual tasks and entrusting some or all of your day-to-day operations to a reliable outsourced provider, you can free up staff to focus on business-critical work, making the most of their talents.

Paper-based processes

Despite great leaps in digital technology, paper continues to bog down supply chains around the world. Implementing a zero paper policy by capturing, storing, and managing all shipping data electronically is one of the best ways to streamline accounting processes and maintain data integrity.

To make this work, shippers need to invest in a transportation management system (TMS) that is equipped with online data entry (ODE) capabilities. This allows invoices to be submitted electronically for automated data validation and auditing. From there, everything is stored in one centralized location—no filing cabinets required.

Poor visibility

Thanks to technology, people have access to more information than ever—yet many supply chain managers in the technology sector still struggle with a lack of visibility into their operations.

It doesn’t need to be this way. By utilizing a leading TMS like Honeybee TMS™ by CTSI-Global, technology supply chain managers can gain total visibility across their operations, from the moment an order is received until it arrives with the client and any claims are resolved. And since all the data that’s generated throughout this process is pulled into the system and centralized for easy access, data analysis and forecasting is within reach—especially if your TMS comes equipped with business intelligence tools.

Turbocharge your high-tech supply chain

At CTSI-Global, we work with companies across every industry, including the high-tech sector, helping them tighten their supply chain operations to reflect the level of excellence they strive for across the business. That goes beyond simply adopting the right tech. We’re here to help you ensure a successful implementation process and rapid optimization, so you can start reaping the benefits right away.

Don’t saddle your high-tech supply chain with low-tech challenges. Upgrade your logistics operations by contacting us today.

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