New Freight Invoice Upload for Carriers: More Technology from CTSI-Global

CTSI-Global has built a new Freight Invoice Upload Portal, accessible through the normal CTSI-Global login. For customers, this is the same login where your TMS and/or freight information would be. The Invoice Portal is an online tool for shippers and carriers to take a PDF invoice document and upload it for payment processing.

We rolled this out to end-users a month ago and have been using it internally since December (because we’re the first testers of our own software).

Real-Time Visibility and Even Greater Accuracy

The logic of the portal is improving traceability by limiting the need for human intervention. Less handling means a reduced potential for human error. The key advantage for all parties to the invoice is real-time confirmation of invoice receipt and instant visibility and updates on status (e.g., received, pending approval, in-system). Billing shows up instantaneously in the Carrier Upload Portal, and we see it immediately in our Invoice Manager. Missing invoices or documents getting lost in the shuffle of attachments, become virtually non-existent.

This has been the special project of VP of Freight Payment Operations, Kristy Brown, who has been with the company for 35 years. Kristy has worked in nearly every department, from implementation onboarding to HR. She has a degree in finance from the University of Memphis and a passion for numbers.

I’m excited to see what I put down on paper, working with our engineering team to perfect it, and input from client services and our invoice processing team, come to life… Collab effort across departments.
— Kristy Brown

Faster, Better Experience and Stronger Relationships

Invoices get to the freight payment team more quickly, allowing us to process them more quickly while reducing the overhead of unneeded customer-carrier interaction. That means we’re able to maintain even stronger carrier relationships, resulting in a better overall experience for our customers.

Ongoing, Enhanced Security

Tighter control of the invoice processing stream is also part of CTSI-Global’s responsiveness to prevent cyber threats and improve data security. Our EDI capability allows us to audit the document chain and streamline invoice handling via our integration cloud, while the invoice portal reduces any reliance on email, which is inherently insecure, as a handling method.

Quick Look at the Sheer Simplicity of the Freight Invoice Tool

Customer Delight

Besides streamlining handling methods and processing on our end, we’re committed to being responsive to our customers and carriers, who are reducing manual processes for efficiency and cost savings, and asking for simplicity and instant information. Following through on that creates a more sustainable and scalable solution for CTSI-Global as we continue to grow our international reach from 8-10 million invoices per month to an unlimited future.

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