The Complete Package: The Advantages of Fully Outsourcing Supply Chain Management

Scarce internal resources. Ongoing inefficiencies. Siloed data, keeping crucial insights out of reach. Most shippers are all too familiar with these frustrations. You can turn to an outsourced logistics provider to handle one or two aspects of operations and relieve some of the pressure on the team. But despite the time and cost savings this can bring, you don’t want to be too hesitant to consider handing over the reins completely by fully outsourcing supply chain management.

An outsourced logistics partner with built-in end-to-end capability can more effectively manage your entire supply chain, allowing you to optimize your operations—unlocking greater savings, insights, and more.

Complete peace of mind, with every piece of the puzzle taken care of

Virtually every shipper of heavy freight has gaps in their operations, no matter how big or small they are. Whether it’s a lack of visibility into their freight bills or an inefficient carrier management process, there’s always something that keeps supply chain managers awake at night.

By fully outsourcing supply chain management, shippers can reduce internal overhead while gaining peace of mind. Since the fully outsourced supply chain management partner handles everything—from vetting and selecting optimal carriers to tracking freight and analyzing spend—even the smallest gaps are accounted for, making it far less likely that anything will slip through the cracks.

By entrusting a partner with robust supply chain capabilities to handle your supply chain from end to end, rather than just managing a small piece of it, you also enable them to get to know your business inside out. This makes it easier for a firm with a consultative focus to spot opportunities to save money, tighten your processes, and improve efficiency—which can pay dividends down the line.

An expert team handling your operations, no hiring required

All too often, shippers find themselves struggling to keep their supply chain running efficiently without all the resources they need. This is especially true during periods of economic uncertainty when hiring may be out of the question.

Handing off supply chain management to an outsourced provider allows you to tap an expert team of supply chain professionals without the expense and commitment involved in hiring. This allows you to redeploy your existing team so they can focus on bigger-picture strategy, rather than the day-to-day running of things.

Better business intelligence technology, more actionable insights

Without the right technology and know-how, extracting actionable insights from your data can be difficult. You also miss opportunities for optimal routing and pricing, just due to the size of your network vs. a carrier network it has taken decades to build.

Top outsourced logistics providers come equipped with leading-edge business intelligence technology and vast experience using it, taking that burden off your shoulders. And when all your shipping data is flowing through their systems, rather than just a small piece of it (like your freight bills), it’s easier for them to extract holistic insights from it—providing you greater visibility than ever.

Fully outsourcing supply chain management can help you regain control—not lose it.

Handing over the reins completely can seem like a daunting task. But with the right partner, fully outsourcing supply chain management is not about losing control—it’s about regaining it.

Rather than letting your supply chain run your life, make it work for you with solutions tailored to your needs.

At CTSI-Global, we can manage your supply chain from end to end, or help you build a solutions bundle that caters to your specific needs. We believe in customization, because you shouldn’t have to pay for services you don’t want. In fact, many of the companies that partner with us start by asking us to handle just one or two aspects of their supply chain. But when they see the benefits outsourced logistics management can bring, they ask us to take over completely—so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

Regain control. Contact us today.

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