Combined TMS and Freight Audit Services: The CTSI-Global Difference

Recently, we’ve shared a series of posts outlining the benefits to shippers of using the same provider for their transportation management system and freight audit needs. As one of few providers possessing both the technical know-how and rich industry expertise required to deliver both services well, we’re proud to offer combined TMS and freight audit services to our customers, as well as strategic solutions to support their in-house resources.

Here’s why we’re uniquely positioned to deliver the whole package—and help our customer take their operations to the next level.

60+ years of experience

Many companies that offer TMS technology assume that adding freight audit services will be an easy way to augment their offerings. In actuality, these services are incredibly labor-intensive and require a careful process and nuanced expertise to get right. As such, these companies struggle to provide a level of quality that their customers can depend on—leading to mistakes and lost dollars.

At CTSI-Global, we took the opposite approach. We started in the freight audit world and spent years refining our process until we had it down to a fine art. That way, when we released our proprietary TMS in 2004, we had decades of back-end experience to guide us, allowing us to make our system even more intuitive and powerful. And since the solution is cloud-based, we can constantly release new enhancements to ensure our customers get even more value from their TMS over time.

A unique (and growing) ecosystem of third-party providers

We live by the motto “do what you do best and outsource the rest.” That’s why we focus on providing the best possible versions of the TMS and freight audit services we’re known for and work with best-in-class third-party content providers for everything else. This includes Sisense for business intelligence and analytics and ABBYY for optical character recognition (OCR) technology, allowing us to provide our clients with all the tools they need to be successful.

We’re always looking for ways to do more for our clients, so our ecosystem of trusted partners is always growing. We recently partnered with project44, a relationship that gives us access to real-time connections with thousands of carriers. This means our customers will enjoy real-time carrier pricing and transit time calculations thanks to the rating API, as well as a better documented dispatch process and more accurate tracking throughout the entire shipping process.

A global footprint

You never know where logistics will take you. But wherever you go, CTSI-Global will be there to support you. With locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, we’re committed to providing tailored support in our customers’ time zone, because we know the supply chain never sleeps.

Our global footprint has allowed us to develop in-depth regional expertise. From regulatory concerns to customs quirks, we provide the insights and strategic guidance our clients need to break into new markets and navigate choppy waters.

A clientele that speaks for itself

We’re proud to offer combined TMS and freight audit services to some of the world’s most innovative companies, including 10 of the Fortune 50. But we’re not just here for the big players: in our 60+ years in the game, we’ve supported clients of all shapes and sizes and across virtually every industry.

This allows us to offer a wealth of guidance and best practices to our clients. Chances are, the challenges a shipper is facing are not unique—and we’ve already helped at least one other company overcome them. It’s this consultative approach that we believe really sets us apart, and we’re delighted to share our experience with clients to give them a competitive edge.

Discover the CTSI-Global difference with combined TMS and freight audit services

The right technology. The right expertise. The right support. When you rely on CTSI-Global for your TMS and freight audit services, you get the whole package—and more.

Experience the CTSI-Global difference for yourself. Contact us today.

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