Driving Customer Loyalty Through Logistics Excellence

The logistics function is often the unsung hero of the customer experience. As the final touchpoint between the company and the customer, it’s one of the last chances a shipper has to impress. But it’s also one of the most precarious moments in the relationship, with a high potential for something to go wrong. If a shipment arrives late or damaged, customers won’t remember the excellent service they received when they placed the order—they’ll remember how frustrated they were at the loading dock.

Logistics is too often viewed as merely a necessary expense rather than the highly strategic function it has the potential to be. But by striving for logistics excellence at every turn, supply chain managers and their teams can strengthen customer relationships, fuel loyalty—and encourage repeat business.

Automate the manual, focus on the human

Logistics teams are often so bogged down with time-consuming manual tasks that they can’t dedicate as much bandwidth as they’d like to improve the customer experience. By automating menial tasks that don’t truly benefit from the human touch, teams can dedicate more time and energy to giving customers white-glove service and performing strategic work that further enhances their experience over time. Automation also reduces the potential for human error to creep into logistics processes, bringing flawless service within reach.

Put in the legwork upfront

Putting additional thought and care into shipment planning can pay off in the form of a more seamless shipping experience and happier customers. Whether it’s paying close attention to exacting customer requirements—from strict temperature controls to additional security measures for high-value goods—or searching for the optimal route, focusing on this early step of the shipping process can have an outsized impact on customer satisfaction. Utilizing a transportation management system (TMS) will help, enabling a stronger, simpler, and more efficient planning process that delivers better results.

Prioritize reliability over cost

Saving money on a shipment can sometimes cost companies in the long run. The lowest cost carrier may ultimately prove to be unreliable, putting the customer relationship at risk. By balancing cost with reliability, considering every possible approach (including multi-modal options), and tracking carrier performance metrics over time, shippers can minimize potential problems likely to leave customers dissatisfied.

Communicate early and often

Customers don’t want to find out about problems when it’s too late to do anything about them. By using a TMS that provides in-transit visibility and automated alerts to ensure nothing is missed, shippers can keep customers in the loop about any issues that arise with their order. To really impress, the supply chain team can aim to find and deploy a solution before contacting the customer—giving them confidence that the company has their back.

Settle for nothing less than logistics excellence

A good delivery experience could be the difference between someone becoming a repeat customer and finding another supplier in a competitive marketplace. From an industry-leading TMS to intuitive outsourced solutions and beyond, CTSI-Global has the logistics technology and expertise you need to elevate your operations and show customers that your service can’t be beaten.

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