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The Great Supply Chain Disruption

  • “13% of the total number of containers the world’s shipping fleet can carry is just stuck somewhere, waiting to pull up to a dock, but they can’t.”
    — Peter Goodman, Global Economics Correspondent, The New York Times

The Global Supply Chain Is Still A Mess. When Will It Get Better?

  • “It’s what economists might call a bank run… What we saw last year was a toilet paper run.”
    — Betsey Stevenson, Economist, University of Michigan

Automakers are so fed up, they’re just gonna make their own chips

  • “Consumers just wanna get back to the point where they can get a good deal, or at least a fair price, and whether that involves creating your own chips or not, I don’t think that’s necessarily of importance to [consumers].”
    — Jessica Caldwell, Executive Director of Insights, Edmunds

Supply Chain Says No Christmas Presents or Trees This Year

  • “Retail inventory-to-sales ratio… the amount of supply vs. how much is being purchased: For a decade, it hovered between 1.4 and 1.6, so there was 40-60% more stuff than was being sold. That ratio is now perilously close to 1.”
    — Nathaniel Whittemore (NLW), Host

The Global Supply Chain Is Broken

  • “When I talked to the transportation executive at the company, she said it started off as a joke. Her team was brainstorming. Like, ‘What the heck can we do? This is a big problem. An airplane isn’t big enough to really make a dent in our import volume. Maybe let’s just charter a ship!’ And then they realized—wait! You can charter a ship, and we should go ahead and do that. And they did.”
    — Sarah Nassauer, Correspondent, Wall Street Journal

Why The Global Supply Chain Is Still Clogged — And How To Fix It

  • “We have 52 container vessels waiting in the harbor to get into the port, whether it’s the Port of Long Beach or Port of Los Angeles. In normal times, it is 0… Needless to say that for this to work, it’s just not what happens at the docks or at the terminals. There has to be a supply chain solution.”
    — Mario Cordero, Executive Director, Port of Long Beach

The Great Resignation: Why People Are Leaving Their Jobs In Growing Numbers

  • “At the end of the day, the supply chain is made up of people. So today we’re talking about why so many of them have left or changed jobs.”
    — Audie Cornish, Host, NPR

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