Eco-Friendly Freight Bill Processing

Most of your carriers’ freight invoices are electronic, but have you wondered about how to make your paper freight bills more eco-friendly?

CTSI-Global can help! We design sustainable supply chain solutions for clients who need secure freight audit and payment, logistics management, Honeybee TMS, and other services.

Most invoices we receive arrive electronically via EDI, EDI+, ODE, or our Invoice Upload Portal. This saves trees because no paper is used. However, we understand that some smaller carriers require manual invoicing, so we make sure that’s done in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

  1. Your carriers send your manual freight bills directly to us.
  2. CTSI-Global creates digital duplicates of your invoices.
  3. You’ll have full access to review freight bills in your private invoice database.
  4. Paper invoices are shredded and then recycled.

So far this year, we’ve saved over 200 trees through this recycling initiative!