A Local Approach to Global Freight Auditing and Payment Solutions

Outsourcing freight audit payment (FAP) remains one of the best ways for shippers to cut costs, save time, and run more efficiently. From ensuring comprehensive auditing to integrating automation and streamlining the payment process, the right freight auditing partner can deliver a good ROI and make a big difference to your bottom line.

Shippers with complex global networks will benefit even more by partnering with a freight auditor to manage their invoicing. But implementing a freight auditing system across multiple tax codes and suppliers comes with a unique set of challenges that few providers have the expertise and the capacity to address.

With six decades of experience in freight auditing and payment, CTSI-Global can offer shippers a fully integrated global freight auditing system. Our worldwide network of local experts can execute globally and locally.

Four key elements of a successful global FAP solution

1. Start with a global vision

The biggest challenge when building a global freight auditing and payment solution is integrating each country’s local regulatory and tax requirements. Standard requirements such as value-added taxes (VAT) or tax code validations are needed. Unique details such as stamps on invoices could result in delays, fines, and surcharges.

CTSI-Global’s processes combine a comprehensive global foundation with a local presence that allows worldwide and regional execution. The CTSI-Global network of local experts is well-versed in regional rules and regulations. They also have the tools and experience to catch problems—big and small—at the source and ensure full compliance every single time.

2. Build a flexible framework

Although regulations and tax requirements will vary from one country to another, many remain consistent across the board. CTSI-Global has leveraged these global frameworks to develop a blueprint that standardizes around 80% of the freight auditing and payment process.

The final 20% of the process includes customization for each country’s unique regulatory requirements. This yields a global FAP solution that is quick to implement, easy to scale, and easily adapts to your individual needs.

3. Incorporate a local approach

The remaining 20% of the CTSI Global framework is project management. A successful global freight auditing and payment solution should combine a project lead to oversee the worldwide and regional project teams accountable for specific locations.

A team with local expertise on regulations and tax requirements helps ensure that all operating efficiencies execute correctly:

  • Rate negotiation
  • Document handling
  • Customs clearance and duty drawback
  • Contract carriers transportation arranged

4. Get your carriers on board

Freight audit is a three-way relationship involving the freight auditor, the customer, and the customer’s carriers. Aligning carriers’ processes with your own is critical to ensure the success of a freight auditing and payment solution. But, in many cases, there may be carriers that are not familiar with freight auditing service providers and how to work with them.

CTSI-Global offers its clients a network of over 20,000 carriers fully aligned with our freight audit and payment process. To secure a seamless transition and long-term success with new carriers, we emphasize education and training them on how to work with a freight auditing and payment provider and how to line up their processes with ours.

A partner with a global vision and a local approach

Implementing a global freight auditing and payment solution is not a one-size-fits-all process. It requires strategic boots on the ground and integrating local expertise into a comprehensive custom-made solution.

That’s why at CTSI-Global, we’ve designed our process to combine a global vision with a local approach.

Our freight and audit payment solutions standardize operations globally and customize them at the local level to allow you maximum flexibility and adaptability with the assurance of full compliance. We round it out by ensuring that everything is seamlessly lined up—from the first mile to the last one.

Contact us today and get the global support your business needs to succeed.