New Healthcare Shipping Solutions Save Lives, Time, and Money

Finding robust and dynamic healthcare shipping solutions is challenging, especially given the critical need to monitor healthcare supply chains from origin to final destination. From the risk of upended timelines to complex compliance processes, healthcare supply chains come with considerable logistical challenges, and, most importantly, many lives at stake to consider.

When widespread industry woes—including supply and labor shortages, skyrocketing costs, and shipping delays—are added into the mix, healthcare logistics teams are forced to seek innovative solutions. And as the world recovers from the worst of the pandemic, longstanding supply chain disruptions deepen the need to confront high-stakes challenges by reimagining logistics strategies. 

Healthcare challenges in a shifting climate

1. Medical equipment and supplies

The stakes are incredibly high when it comes to patient care. Any shortage or delay in the transport of medical equipment and supplies, however minor, can quickly lead to time-sensitive ramifications—and place critical pressure on patients and providers. 

2. Labor shortages

Hospital labor shortages strain every part of the supply chain—including manufacturers. Insufficient labor to keep pace with the ever-evolving business climate and skyrocketing demand leaves logistics teams overburdened with supply chain tasks and ready to embrace new healthcare shipping solutions. 

3. Inflation

With increasing global crises like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are seeing some of the worst inflation in years. Healthcare manufacturing prices are no exception. The increasing labor costs make it challenging for logistics teams to meet ambitious company growth objectives and ever-shifting customer expectations as supply costs and delays rise.

Don’t go it alone

The healthcare shipping landscape is changing, and logistics teams must also change their approach to adapt and thrive. Customized logistics management partnerships are an excellent way to overcome today’s obstacles and prepare for any on the road ahead.

Customized logistics management partnerships are an excellent way to implement a new approach to healthcare shipping. The right partner will offer visibility into the supply chain through reliable, on-demand support while assisting with customs challenges, regulatory hiccups, and any additional logistical difficulties.

With a partner, logistics teams have access to a vetted network of thousands of reliable, cost-efficient carriers and the full potential of a transportation management system (TMS). With a TMS, shippers have diverse capabilities and efficiencies, including dispatching and appointment scheduling, in-transit tracking, reporting, and communication.

The right logistics partner can dramatically streamline routing, carrier selection, and P.O. allocation for inbound freight management. Handing off the headaches of lost or damaged shipments to a logistics partner takes freight claim management off the table for logistics teams. A logistics management partner will handle the carrier claims process from start to finish.

A new era of healthcare shipping awaits

Manufacturing teams must adopt more intelligent strategies and technology to combat today’s chronic supply chain challenges. With the right shipping approach and effective partnerships, teams can thrive in an increasingly unpredictable climate—and react to unanticipated obstacles with confidence. 

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