Power Up Teamwork and Boost Productivity with Workflow Automation

Properly configured workflows can significantly impact the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise. Automated workflows can streamline tasks, build consistency, encourage collaboration, and allow managers a more comprehensive view of their team’s activities.

And, for supply chain managers dealing with multiple carriers, hundreds of tasks, and fluctuating conditions, supply chain automation can mark the difference between an efficient and responsive operation versus a slow and cumbersome one.

Manage supply chain teams more efficiently

Supply chain workflow automation allows managers and teams to improve collaboration and optimize workload management. Additionally, automated workflows generate detailed data, empowering leaders with valuable information to aid their decision-making. As a result, supply chain automation can help managers gain better control in four key operational areas.

Improve teamwork

Increase transparency and accountability with end-to-end visibility of your team’s workflows. Managers can assign tasks to specific teams or team members and track their progress. Clear status signals and workload indicators help ensure better collaboration, cleaner hand-offs, and improved time management for everyone.

Ensure compliance

Reduce error rates and better control how team members handle everyday tasks and incidents with validations. For example, managers can set rules such as establishing specific thresholds for the cost of a shipment or payments to third parties. If the person handling a particular task exceeds the set limits, the system will assign it to a user with authority to review and approve the action before it’s executed.

Standardize processes

Get everyone on the same page and ensure consistent and cohesive workflows across your organization. Our custom workflows and validations can help supply chain managers create and implement enterprise-wide processes effortlessly—no matter how big or small.

Data Capture

Seamlessly capture insightful data on your enterprise’s processes with real-time reporting. Get detailed breakdowns on everything from task completion time to recurring incidents that help identify areas of improvement and recognize latent problems sooner.

Build a powerful workflow

A workflow automation platform can generate tangible improvements in performance and keep valuable operational data from falling through the cracks. Reports, graphics, and notifications all provide teams and managers with up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening, what’s working, and what needs improvement. Some of the features shippers should look for in an automation platform are:

    • Detailed reporting – Real-time reports on teams’ performance can help managers spot inefficiencies, make better decisions on workload distribution, and allocate personnel more adequately.
    • Prompt notifications – Notifications alerting managers–plus any implicated team members–on a particular issue reduce incident response and resolution time.
    • Task allotment – Access to information such as a task’s status, current assignee, and fulfillment time increases process visibility for managers and helps teams collaborate more efficiently.
    • Controlled access – Security features like password-restricted access and data encryption enable better control of sensitive data within an enterprise and outside of it.
    • Graphical process modeling

– Clear flowcharts and dashboards help break down complex workflows and data into simple graphics that everyone can understand and use.

CTSI-Global’s workflow automations leverage JIRA’s best-in-class technology to deliver a functional and intuitive tool that helps supply chain teams work more efficiently.

Together with Azure Cloud hosting and Cleo integrations, our JIRA-powered workflows form CTSI-Global’s industry-leading Honeybee TMS™ solution.

Contact us today and get the tools you need to work more efficiently.