Supply Chain Event Management: Leveraging Improved Visibility Into Efficiency

The unprecedented pressures affecting supply chains have awakened shippers to the importance of building more visibility into their operations. Combined with the disruptions and uncertainty that have characterized supply chains for the past three years, poor visibility has further hampered firms’ responsiveness and, in many cases, contributed to significant losses.

Poor supply chain visibility has hurt customer relationships too. Delayed shipments may sometimes be unavoidable, but providing accurate updates and taking swift corrective action is not. Shippers that don’t have the means to see what’s going on in their supply chain and relay that information to their partners will lose out to competitors providing more dependable service.

A transportation management system with event management capabilities can help reduce these shortfalls in visibility and traceability. Event management systems leverage real-time data gathered from inputs like RFID, IoT devices, and GPS tracking to provide enterprises greater visibility into shipment lifecycles and optimize exception management capabilities. Shippers can further leverage this data to optimize operations like planning and scheduling.

Beyond tracking shipments, better control of shipment lifecycles translates into improved response capabilities and boosts customer satisfaction and bottom lines.

Gain better control of shipment life cycles with event management software

Supply chain teams are under increased pressure to streamline workflows and improve efficiency. A supply chain event management system can help increase visibility and provide enterprises with valuable data they can apply to enhance forecasting and risk mitigation efforts.

1) Track shipments across multiple carriers
From ocean freight to last-mile logistics, keeping tabs on multiple carriers can be a challenge. In the face of skyrocketing carrier disruptions, easy access to tracking data is essential for minimizing the impact of these events—and finding alternatives fast. An event management system can help shippers make sense of this sea of information—and avoid important events from falling off their radars—by consolidating alerts on pickups, delays, exceptions, and deliveries from multiple carriers.

2) Access real-time data on shipment lifecycles
Although most supply chain leaders will recognize the importance of end-to-end supply chain visibility, many enterprises still fall short of it. And these blind spots are often the source of severe burdens on their capacity to plan and remain agile. Access to granular data on a shipment’s location and status can help shippers stay ahead of delays and reduce their impact on operations and bottom lines. Plus, it allows them better control of their customer experience by giving them the ability to guarantee on-time deliveries and take early action to compensate for delays.

3) Get automated exception alerts
As supply chain processes have become more complex and disruptions become the norm, handling exceptions has become increasingly arduous and time-consuming. Event management software that automatically directs exception alerts to the people in charge of handling them can help cut through the clutter of information and streamline workflows. Exception alerts based on accurate, up-to-date data help supply chain teams mitigate the effects of unplanned events—and take steps to improve response times to similar incidents in the future.

4) Improve customer service
Improved visibility counts as much for customers as it does for bottom lines. Better data on transit and delivery times can help enterprises reduce delayed shipments and provide more personalized service. Whenever exceptions arise, they can notify customers in real-time and keep them updated on the progress of corrective actions. And relaying timely and accurate information to customers will help boost their credibility as reliable and responsive partners.

Optimize supply chain event management with a powerful TMS

CTSI-Global’s Honeybee TMS helps enterprises streamline supply chain event management with improved visibility into shipment lifecycles and automated exception alerts. Shippers get better control of their operations with access to unified data from their carrier base and automated exception alerts that boost response times and customer relations.

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