Don’t Wait to Update: Start Your Transition From Kuebix Now

Last year, news of the Kuebix shutdown surprised many in the transport industry. Trimble, which acquired Kuebix TMS in 2020, announced that the platform was set to shut down entirely by 2025. 

Although Trimble has promised to continue providing support and maintenance for the next three years, shippers should start planning their transition from Kuebix now. While three years is more than enough time to transition from any TMS, firms should not underestimate how long finding and vetting a new 3PL partner can take—or how complex the implementation process can be.

More importantly, waiting until any enterprise application sunsets to find a replacement is a losing game that can lead to severe disruptions, increased security risks, and missed opportunities. 

Avoid the time crunch

Delaying transitions from discontinued enterprise software puts undue pressure on decision-makers and hinders their ability to weigh options and make informed decisions. Plus, while 3PL vendors have worked to streamline TMS implementations, the process still takes time. And rushing it can create problems like incomplete integrations and configuration errors. 

Don’t risk disruptions

As provider support and updates for discontinued applications wane, functionality and efficiency suffer. Firms that keep these applications around for too long are at greater risk of disruptions to their operations—with consequences affecting everything from customer service quality to employee workflows.

Keep your data and systems safe

Fewer updates and weaker provider support leave sunsetting and legacy applications vulnerable to cyber-attacks and malware. Delaying the transition to a new system puts sensitive enterprise data and systems at risk and further increases the chances of severe disruptions. What’s more, with news of discontinued apps so widely accessible, shippers can be sure that hackers know who’s a soft target.

Seize the moment and transition from Kuebix with CTSI-Global

The key to a smooth transition from any TMS is careful planning and ample timelines that can fit in data migrations, testing, training, and everything else that comes with implementing a TMS.

With so much at stake, shippers can’t afford any hiccups. CTSI-Global is committed to making the switch to our Honeybee™ TMS as painless as possible for Kuebix users:

  • Seamless transition: With a similar interface and analogous features to the Kuebix platform, HoneyBee™ TMS makes for a smooth transition for shippers and their staff. Plus, with a fair share of former Kuebix clients already in our portfolio, we’re very familiar with the ins and outs of this particular transition.
  • Unrivaled reliability: After more than 66 years in the business—41 of those under the same management—CTSI-Global is one of the most stable and reliable 3PLs on the market. That means zero risk of an event like the Kuebix shutdown catching shippers by surprise.
  • Most accurate freight rating engine in the industry: Cut costs, optimize efficiency and get your entire logistics ecosystem under control within a single platform. CTSI-Global’s roots as a freight auditor mean we do freight rating better and faster than anybody else. 

Contact CTSI-Global’s team of logistics experts to learn how we can help you leverage your transition from Kuebix into a higher-performing supply chain.