What is TMS Routing and How Does It Optimize Shipper Logistics?

Transportation management system (TMS) routing is a powerful technology that helps shippers of all sizes optimize logistics operations when executed efficiently. With an accessible, multi-modal, and cloud-based system to back them up, shippers can see a powerful transformation in global supply chain management. TMS routing can reduce transit times, minimize costs, and increase visibility into the transportation process by leveraging sophisticated algorithms and real-time data.

Simplify route selection and stay ahead of the competition

Shipment routing is the process of selecting the optimal route for a shipment based on a set of criteria, such as cost, time, distance, transportation mode, and service level. Route selection can help businesses streamline operations and improve overall customer satisfaction when automated. These benefits, along with its accessibility, make TMS routing an indispensable tool for shippers looking to accelerate logistics in a fast-paced and competitive market.

As the transportation industry evolves, shippers face increasing pressure to deliver goods faster than ever—at a lower cost. TMS routing helps companies stay competitive and avoid late deliveries and missed pickups by performing route and carrier selection, effectively reducing errors and ensuring on-time delivery for shipments.

Turn to sophisticated algorithms for simplified logistics

TMS routing software uses advanced algorithms to recommend the best shipping routes at the lowest possible cost. Backed by the power of a robust system like CTSI-Global’s HoneybeeTM TMS, routing technology analyzes multiple factors to determine the most effective route, including:

  • Carrier rates
  • Destination
  • Transportation mode
  • Carrier performance
  • Lead times
  • Shipping volume
  • Transit times
  • Capacity utilization
  • Carrier availability
  • Real-time traffic and weather conditions

A thorough assessment of this data creates a comprehensive map of all possible routes. The algorithm then identifies the optimal path based on the shipper’s specific requirements. With a growing network of 14,000+ carriers, CTSI-Global’s TMS routing system finds the best option for every shipment.

Reduce transit times to support your bottom line

Effective TMS routing significantly reduces transit times—an essential benefit for time-sensitive industries like retail, e-commerce, and healthcare. Optimized routes are also critical for building savings. Shippers can substantially reduce transportation expenses by selecting the most cost-effective route and carrier.  

Ultimately, TMS routing increases visibility into the transportation process, enabling shippers to track shipments in real time and quickly identify and address any issues. This visibility can help shippers negotiate better rates, further reducing costs.

TMS routing is a viable—and impactful—solution for businesses of all sizes

Thanks to advances in cloud-based technology, TMS routing is now easier to implement and more affordable than ever. CTSI-Global’s HoneybeeTM TMS offers a cloud-based platform that enables shippers to access its routing capabilities anywhere, anytime, and on any device. It also provides flexible pricing options, making it accessible to shippers of all sizes and budgets.

CTSI-Global is committed to providing shippers with a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for managing all elements of the transportation process. With affordable and scalable solutions like HoneybeeTM TMS, shippers can leverage the power of TMS routing to secure a competitive edge. 

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