Why Automated Shipment Routing Outperforms Tribal Knowledge Every Time

As global supply chains rapidly digitize, automated shipment routing has proven essential for today’s shippers. This disruptive technology—which is only growing in popularity—is gradually eclipsing reliance on tribal knowledge or siloed information based on personal experience or intuition. 

Automated shipment routing offers several advantages over traditional routing methods rooted in tribal knowledge. In fact, as supply chain challenges grow increasingly unpredictable and complex, the latter may prove more of a liability than an asset.

Increased accuracy drives efficiency and customer satisfaction

Automated shipment routing harnesses advanced algorithms and data analysis to determine the best routes for each shipment. A complex combination of factors—transit times, costs, delivery windows, and more—can dramatically impact speed, cost-efficiency, and customer visibility. By turning to robust, trustworthy data instead of word-of-mouth tribal knowledge, shippers can make more accurate and efficient routing decisions, build effective carrier relationships, and ultimately drive customer satisfaction. 

A transportation management system (TMS) enables just that. Through process automation, real-time tracking, and custom carrier selection, CTSI-Global’s Honeybee™ TMS allows shippers to make confident routing decisions. 

Improved scalability ensures a hassle-free growth experience

Scaling often comes with a wide range of roadblocks, such as workflow disruptions and budgeting concerns. Tribal knowledge—typically limited to the experience, expertise, and intuition of a single person or group—can ultimately complicate an already-intricate process. 

Fortunately, automated shipment routing makes it easy. With the right software, shippers can manage large amounts of data and navigate complex routing scenarios, scaling their shipping operations as they grow. 

Real-time insights keep shippers agile

Unanticipated setbacks can quickly devolve into high-stakes catastrophes—often in the blink of an eye. Automated shipment routing provides real-time data on traffic patterns, weather conditions, situation-specific carrier performance, and other ever-evolving factors. When every minute matters, shippers can ensure flexibility and timeliness with technology that moves as fast as they do. 

Stronger visibility enhances decision-making and improvement processes

Automation drives visibility across the board, providing detailed insight into shipping costs, transit times, delivery performance, and more. Shippers can leverage this information to make more informed decisions, identify areas of improvement, and document organization-wide progress over time. 

Streamlined collaboration connects shippers, suppliers, and customers 

Technology that lacks intuitive integration—no matter how effective or advanced—can quickly become disjointed and inefficient. After all, disconnected systems are only as effective as they are usable. 

The right integration capabilities go a long way. Shippers can easily integrate routing automation solutions like Honeybee™ TMS with other logistics and supply chain systems, enabling quick collaboration and data-sharing among departments, suppliers, and customers. 

Let automated shipment routing take the lead

Within the shipping industry and beyond, tribal knowledge has been a go-to resource for decades. But as global supply chains continue to embrace digital transformation, more and more shippers are scrambling for new, dynamic solutions.

Automation simplifies and strengthens operations across the board, equipping shippers with the insights they need to weather uncertain times. With a powerful system like Honeybee™ TMS, shippers can remain at the forefront of digital innovation—and open the door to newfound efficiency, savings, growth, and customer satisfaction.

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