5 Ways Carrier Diversification Helps Shippers Maximize Value

In today’s fast-paced global economy, carrier diversification has become increasingly crucial for shippers looking to save money, improve performance, and reduce risk. After all, every carrier is subject to human error and supply chain disruptions. 

With access to a variety of reliable carriers, shippers can better control costs, improve service levels, and enhance delivery offerings. With Honeybee TMS, CTSI-Global’s robust transportation management system (TMS), shippers can unlock a vast carrier network that fits their needs—and open the door to unprecedented efficiency and savings.

Diversification allows shippers to:

1. Reduce reliance on a single carrier

Depending on a single carrier can lead to holdovers, higher costs, and headaches. Any carrier obstacle—such as a strike or equipment failure—can quickly devolve into a domino effect that jeopardizes shippers’ profits and reputation. 

Carrier diversification mitigates that risk by giving shippers options in unexpected situations, keeping potential disruptions at bay.

2. Save money and time by comparing rates

Carrier diversification helps shippers secure the best pricing and services, ensuring the best value for their freight investment. In such situations, the right technology can make all the difference: Honeybee TMS, for example, offers carrier breakdowns by price, performance, route, and even custom criteria. Shippers can then select the most cost-effective carrier for each shipment, saving valuable time and money along the way.

3. Improve service levels by choosing the best carrier every time

Carrier diversification gives shippers access to different carriers with unique benefits and areas of expertise. Shippers can choose the best carrier for each shipment, ensuring all freight is delivered on time, in good condition, and at a competitive price. Shippers can also regularly evaluate carrier performance and hold carriers accountable for service levels.

4. Enhance flexibility 

When customer satisfaction is on the line, flexibility goes a long way. A diverse carrier base keeps shippers agile when it comes to demand or supply disruptions—especially in time-sensitive situations. Shippers can adjust carrier selections based on shipping volume, customer demand, capacity, and delivery requirements with multiple options. If one carrier can’t accommodate a rush shipment, another certainly can. 

5. Encourage competition and negotiate better rates

By working with multiple carriers, shippers can encourage competition among providers and negotiate better rates, contracts, and services. 

CTSI-Global’s TMS provides carrier diversification Xs 14,000

Carrier diversification is a reliable solution for shippers looking to manage risk, improve service levels and flexibility, and reduce overall costs. CTSI-Global’s proprietary system provides access to a network of over 14,000 vetted carriers and helps shippers manage their diverse carrier base with real-time visibility and optimized analytics. 

With our custom logistics solutions, you can optimize your freight spend, reduce risk, and improve your supply chain performance. Contact us to learn more about our TMS.